Craft – Pressed Flowers, Cross Stitch, Paper
Single mothers, widows, young women and families strain to earn to survive day-to-day. They have nothing but their hands and feet and many mouths to feed.Through Care Channels’ livelihood programs, they are taught skills to produce crafts such as pressed flowers calendars and cross-stitched cards.

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The long, green “drumstick” bean known as Moringa is eaten by the Malays, the Indians, the Filipinos and in many other parts of Asia. It is also well-known for its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Growing the Moringa plant, processing its leaves and making them in capsules serves to support the livelihood of people in the Philippines.

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Sanitary Napkins
Women in Pakistan live lives bound by a traditional, feudalistic system. Even with education, they depend on the male members of their family for security and income. With limited opportunities to step out on their own, Pakistani women face great challenges, especially in earning an income or maintaining their health.

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Essential Oils
Aroma Care Essential Oils is a livelihood program of Care Channels to help low income families. Three types of Aroma Care Essential Oils are produced from the work of women from rural villages and city slums.

These essential oils are sold in little 10 ml amber bottles labelled “Immunity”, “Lemongrass” and “Comfort” and come with fragrance diffusers such as reeds, potpourri or wood shavings.

The three types of oil serve different purposes:

  • Immunity
    Soothes a headache and sore throat and stops a runny nose. A calming blend of 100% pure essential oils of cedar wood, rosemary, tea tree, lavender and lemon grass.
  • Lemongrass
    Lemongrass oil refreshes, uplifts, calms and restores.
  • Comfort
    Revitalises and livens up a tired atmosphere with 100% pure essential oils of cedar wood, lavender, bergamot, sweet orange and lemongrass.

For farmers who have been farming all their lives and yet still struggle to earn a decent living, growing lemongrass, coconut and Acapulco trees gives them a livelihood that supports their families.

Care Channels livelihood program supports the growing, harvesting and processing of lemongrass, coconut oil and Acapulco beans to make Virgin Coconut Oil-based Creams. The creams are sold in 5 ml and 10 ml jars.

There are two types of oil:
Virgin Coconut Oil with Acapulco Leaf Extract soothes skin irritation caused by fungal infections such as ringworm and athletes foot, scabies and eczema.

Virgin Coconut Oil with Lemongrass Extract and Tea Tree Oil soothes skin irritation caused by acne, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites and eczema.

Buy what the poor and needy have made. Give them hope and the dignity of earning an honest living.