Care Channels’ work among the poor began in the Philippines in year 2000 when Yeoh Seng Eng and his wife Chwen were working there. They sought to help the poor break out from the poverty cycle, to move from dependency to dignity, by providing them work skills to enable them to earn a livelihood. Men, women and children living in the slums were taught basic skills such as the making of cards and picture frames, and given opportunities to earn a living.

Such livelihood programs enable families to supplement their income. Education sponsorships enable thousands of children to attend school, when once they could not afford to. Health and medical care are made available to many who cannot afford to pay for medical check-ups and medicines.

These programs have brought about changed attitudes and new confidences in the many lives touched. Seeds of kindness and love sown, together with practical and material help, have lifted up the flagging spirit of the weakest and the poorest and given them strength and hope to live transformed lives.

In 2004, Care Channels International was set up and began its work in other parts of Asia.

  • 2004 – China
  • 2005 – Pakistan
  • 2006 – Indonesia
  • 2007 – Timor Leste
  • 2012 – Bangladesh
Buy what the poor and needy have made. Give them hope and the dignity of earning an honest living.