Medical and Dental Missions
In far-flung villages, up in mountains and in forgotten corners of a country, the sick and desperate cry out for help.Care Channels’ medical missions of local doctors, dentists and nurses trod to needy communities to treat minor and major illnesses. Sometimes minor surgeries such as cataract surgeries are conducted to alleviate the suffering of those who live too far away from hospitals.

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Health Program
Poor health is linked closely to poverty. In countries where there is no access to clean water or sanitation and going hungry is the norm, Care Channels seeks to address this vicious cycle of poverty and poor health by improving the poor’s access to health care.

Enduring the pain of chronic disease and with no money to seek help, the poor accept what they consider their lot in life.

Care Channels volunteer medical-dental teams conduct free clinics in various communities, providing free consultations, free treatment, free medicines, and health education. Partnerships with the local health agencies, churches and other organisations are established to provide follow-up care and to sustain good health.

Surgery Program
Sometimes a simple surgery is all it takes for the sole bread winner to be well again so that his family will not have to go hungry. In countries, where the nearest hospital is located many miles away, the sick remain chronically ill, putting his family through debt and desperation.

Care Channels, in partnership with generous donors and surgeons, assists these patients by providing finances for their surgical operation.

Community Health Education
We don’t often think twice about basic hygiene such as washing our hands before a meal. But there are places where clean water is non-existent. Without sanitation and resources, many children, mothers and the elderly succumb to illnesses and diseases which can be easily prevented.

Care Channels Community Health Education (CHE) programs are conducted to help communities adopt habits and practices that would prevent diseases and promote health. These programs are designed by a nurse with trained community-based volunteers.

Community Pharmacy
Local communities come together to set up a pharmacy to offer off-the-counter medicines at reasonable prices.

Eye Centre
In Mengzi, China, Care Channel’s Eye Centre was opened to check and improve myopia, squint and lazy eye of young people through eye exercises, watching 3D movies and massages.

Healthcare Workers Training
In some countries, local health workers struggle to meet the demands of treating the sick and needy.

Care Channels with clinicians from National University Hospital partner a hospital in Timor Leste to train health workers to give the care and treatment the sick in the villages up in the mountains.

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