• We shall look for reliable men and women who are qualified to continue the work.
  • We shall seek to equip and empower local leadership to be effective in the work entrusted to them.
  • We shall intentionally and holistically care for each CCI staff and honour each other in love.


  • We shall practise mutual support and sharing of skills and resources among various CCI centres.


  • Our mission is to be carried out in partnership with others.
  • Our partners are those who share our vision and mission.
  • We shall work in cooperation with our partners exercising mutual responsibility and accountability.


  • Care Channels International registered in Singapore, is the International Head Office of all Care Channels entities.
  • All Board of Directors (BOD) meetings in each country shall be held regularly as required by the country’s Constitution.
  • No BOD meeting shall be called without the prior knowledge and the presence of a Director of Care Channels International.
  • The agenda shall be circulated and approved by the International Head office one month prior to the meeting.
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