Care Channels understands the importance of choosing the appropriate corporate gift. We are here to provide you with impactful corporate gifts that create a lasting impression for your brand. These products reinforce positive perceptions of your company, help maintain relationships, and enhance customer loyalty. Satisfied customers are certainly more likely to furnish useful, credible referrals.

Care Channels provides high quality, uniquely handmade, customisable corporate gifts such as calendars, notebooks, cards, and coasters. These items are all produced by our beneficiaries who are living in poverty. By purchasing these items, you are going a long way in helping them provide for themselves.

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Care Channels International administers various livelihood initiatives in different parts of Asia. We believe that this is crucial to empower marginalised individuals and families to break free from the grip of poverty.

By dedicating time and energy to community engagement and development, we are able to work closely with our beneficiaries to produce high quality, handmade corporate gifts that are selling internationally.

We are humbled and grateful to have the support of our customers who walk alongside us as we help others journey from dependency to dignity.

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Buy what the poor and needy have made. Give them hope and the dignity of earning an honest living.